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come recharge!

A well that is full may overflow, and giving from such bounty does not deplete you. At Indal Forest Retreat, the well is full, ready to nourish you. Come and rest at our spa, in silence and presence, recharge and fill up!


The world needs you at your best and we've got your back.


Indal farm is located close to the city of Gjøvik, Norway, near Norways biggest lake Mjosa. It is a scenic area with nice forests nearby that provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, as well as a starfilled nightsky and ...silence!

Remember the sound of silence?


"It is not so much for its beauty
that the forest makes a claim

upon men's hearts, as for that

subtle something, that quality of air

that emanates from old trees,

that so wonderfully changes and 

renews a weary spirit."

Robert Louis Stevenson

tasty homemade treats
outdoor shower

"Generous Nature, generous people, I wish to come back !!"
Corinne Dupuy, France

"Elin and her family are such welcoming, kind, gentle, hard working, open minded and generous people; it was a pleasure to be hosted by them. As soon as I was in their presence I could feel their positive energy and their optimistic attitudes towards life. The area surrounding the farm is gorgeous, there is always something to explore!"
Mary, New Zeeland

"Excellent place and much better people!
First of all, thank you for this awesome days :)
 It is a place where you can enjoy just staying outside with the lake. The family is soo nice and they helped us a lot!
Thank you for all!!!!"

Eki and Manex, Catalonia

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