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For general enquiries and further information, please contact us:

Kollsvegen 649, 2825 Gjøvik


Tel: 00 47 92 300 449


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Gjøvik is located in the central eastern part of Norway, about 140 kilometres north of Oslo. Trains and buses run between Gjøvik and Oslo several times a day.

If you are travelling by bus or train, your trip can be planned on the entur-site.

The bus station in the town closest to us, Gjøvik, is called Gjøvik skysstasjon,(in the city centre, it is the railway stop and main bussstop)

The bus stop closest to the farm is called Indal. Another possible stop is Redalen, one km from the farm. The first one is mainly is use during school periods, so in the summer break Redalen is your best bet.

If you arrive by air to Oslo Gardermoen, there is both a bus service and a train service to Gjøvik, and you can choose whether to stop by Oslo or not.

Please make sure that you are looking at a valid time table, as they may vary when schoools have holidays etc.
The tourist office in Gjøvik can help you in advance and during the summer with buses and trains:


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